Some individuals are born to be artists. Willow Green is one of those gifted with the ability to “See” and to then capture that sight for the world to enjoy. From her childhood in 1950’s West Texas, Willow’s gift has been recognized as exceptional. Winner of a number of school and city awards for her creations, Willow was instructing others in the arts before even graduating from High School.

Largely self-taught in pencil, oil painting as well as water color, Willow—known to her friends as Texas in these days— followed her heart across the Atlantic. While staying in Europe, Willow continued her studies of the arts in London and Paris. Further travels brought her to the Pacific and the captivating tropical blooms of Polynesia filled her senses and made a lifelong impression.


Returning from her journeys to mainland America, she settled for a number of years in the beach communities of Southern California. Here she married and started a family. She exhibited her work from her California years at number of shows where they were enthusiastically received by the public.


During her traveling days, Willow fell in love with Hawaii and the many tropical flowers like the sweet smelling Plumeria, the regal Bird of Paradise and the ever changing colors of the Heliconia. The Orchid and Antherium in their many colors always fascinated Willow. The Antherium's waxy surface seemed not quite real, as did the look of the many types of Orchids. The sweet smells and exotic look of the tropical flowers were very different from the flowers that grew in West Texas. In Hawaii, Willow became imersed in the surf culture and began a life ltime love affair with the ocean in all of itʻs forms and moods.


In the early 90s, Willow and her husband moved their family to O‘ahu. Here she created some truly unique artworks reflecting the tropical flowers and fruits of the islands. Solving difficult technical challenges, she produced self illuminated, painted fabric, 3 dimensional constructs. Represented in these constructs were Mangos, Heliconia, Plumeria, Orchids, Bird of Paradise as well as seascapes and Hawaiian petroglyphs. These rare and wonderful pieces are prized by collectors, and were shown at several galleries on Oahu as well as the prestigious Nohea Gallery. Willow was also admitted as a member to the Pacific Handcrafters Guild.


Moving again in the late ‘90s, this time to Maui, Willow has been active in the Maui art scene. Returning to brush and canvas, Willow has embraced the classic style of oil painting to produce her latest tropical floral works. Her love of Maui, life and nature continues to influence her visions. Seeking the“allness in the smallness” of a flowers bloom or the wonders of watermen and women at play in the seas captured through the lens of her camera, her “Seeing” leads the viewer into a world at peace. into a world at peace, a view cherished by collectors of her oil paintings and constructs through out the United States and as far away as Holland, Greece and Australia. ~ •


Enjoy the Tropical Ocean and flowers of Maui from a different perspective.


. ~ • ~

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